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About the owner, Trish

Hi! I'm Trish. I've been a NICU nurse since 1997, and I'm a mother to two awesome kids as well. I've devoted my entire nursing career to caring for the tiniest babies and to helping their families through the harrowing ordeal of having a newborn in the intensive care unit. 

NICU Nurse Trish Ringley, owner Every Tiny Thing
  “The NICU is undeniably stressful, overwhelming and scary. But I love to empower parents to find their voices and show them that they have an important and crucial role in this overwhelming new world. When parents get that support and become involved, they transform into happier and more confident parents throughout the NICU journey.”

This is where Every Tiny Thing comes in - we are an online site specifically for NICU families - ALL NICU families. When it comes to something as sensitive as the neonatal ICU, parents usually don't feel comfortable just guessing what products will work in the NICU, what products will be appropriate.

NICU parents, as well as their friends and families, feel uncomfortable buying products from the big box stores and mega-retailers, because they're not sure whether the products will really be acceptable for the NICU. And those mega stores don't have the unique specialty items created specifically for NICU babies & parents.
Surrounded by an amazing support crew, I created Every Tiny Thing to be the go-to site for products that will truly, honestly, reliably bring NICU families comfort and joy.


Why choose Every Tiny Thing?

I understand the NICU

When you have a baby in the NICU, you need guidance and trust from people who understand just what you're going through. And when you're buying items for NICU babies and their families, you need to know you're buying products that will truly work for the unique environment of the neonatal intensive care unit.

I understand how the NICU works and only recommend items that are highly useful during NICU times. Not just any products will work well for NICU babies and their families!  That's why I created Every Tiny Thing - to pair my inside experience of the ways NICUs work with the desire parents have to bring joy and comfort to their experience.

I am committed to providing products for all NICU families, whether you have a preemie in the NICU, preemie twins, preemie triplets, babies with heart disease, babies needing surgery, infection... any reason a baby is in the hospital. All new parents with babies in the NICU deserve help with knowing what will work well during this stressful time.


I understand NICU families

I understand the stress that the neonatal intensive care unit places on families. I firmly believe, though, that families can thrive in the NICU, in spite of the stress that goes along with a NICU admission.  By empowering parents to get involved, learn about their babies, speak up for their needs, and becoming active in their baby's care, Every Tiny Thing helps families turn the NICU journey from one of fear and helplessness to one of joy, hope, and beauty.


I believe in NICU babies

NICU babies are some of the strongest babies in the world!

While they are receiving the wonderful medical attention they need, they also deserve extra special love and attention.

My Goals

  • Provide specialty items that are specifically suited to the needs of all NICU babies, whether preemies or full-term
  • Be a reliable source of high-quality products
  • Be a trustworthy source of insight into how to thrive in the NICU
  • Make your shopping experience easy, informative and fun
  • Encourage you to make informed choices about the things you can control during the NICU
  • Empower parents to become advocates for themselves and their babies
  • Educate friends and families about great ways to support their loved ones


1. The stories and posts Every Tiny Thing are inspired by my 19+ years of nursing practice, but all stories and posts, all references to staff or facilities are either fictional or are formed by compositing, making no story a reflection of any actual story. They’re fictionalized. HIPAA Privacy Rules are taken very seriously, I will not ever share any individually identifiable information. If you believe you are reading a story about a particular staff member or a particular patient, I can assure you no such individual exists. I love my fellow co-workers, I love my job, and I am unwaveringly protective of patient privacy. The majority of my posts are anecdotal, and everything on Every Tiny Thing is my own opinion/creation and does not reflect the opinion of any employers past, present or future.  Nothing on Every Tiny Thing should be construed as constituting medical advice.  ALWAYS CONSULT your NICU staff, your baby’s doctors, & your hospital if you have any questions about what you’ve read here. This is blogging, story telling, information sharing, educating & supporting, not medical advising.

2. Occasionally, here at Every Tiny Thing, I do product reviews and I receive products for review purposes.  If I find a product to be something I truly value, I will post a review.  All of the opinions shared here on Every Tiny Thing are 100% my own and are not influenced by the manufacturer, advertiser, etc.

Some links on my site may be links to specific products or services that I would receive a commission from if you click the links provided here to purchase that product or services, which helps me keep my site running. I provide links only to products I genuinely support.  Every Tiny Thing is a participant in affiliate advertising programs, which are designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to retail products & services. By clicking the links, you help keep the site up & running - Thanks! :)

3. My work here at Every Tiny Thing and the opinions expressed are mine alone and do not reflect the opinions of my employer.