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Bulk order - Crib Art for Monica

Custom Orders

Bulk order - Crib Art for Monica

NCA-DRE-N-1 Lifestyle all four front and back.jpg
NCA-DRE-N-1 Lifestyle all four front and back.jpg
sold out

Bulk order - Crib Art for Monica

128.35 248.45

This order is for 11 sets of NICU Crib Art for Monica, who is AWESOME for delivering gifts the NICU every Christmas, in honor of her sweet boys! Woot!

Included will be:

  • 3 dream 
  • 2 sunshine 
  • 1 miracle girl
  • 1 miracle boy
  • 1 brave pink
  • 1 brave green
  • 1 adventure girls
  • 1 adventure boys

Plus, I'm throwing in a freebie of the Milestone cards, as a thank you from me for your repeat order! You can check them out (they're our #1 seller on Amazon) and then feel free to include them in your gift giving! (But definitely open the pack of cards so you can see them all before you give 'em away!)

One question - I can't remember - were the art card sets wrapped last year, or did you figure out the wrapping on your own? I have plenty of them wrapped already in plain tissue paper (pink, blue, green or yellow depending on the sets) and I'm happy to deliver either pre-wrapped or plain sets.

Please select "Free Shipping" at checkout, because the shipping cost has already been included in the price. (USPS Priority Mail). 

Any questions? Let me know! Thanks again for your order!

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