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10 best Etsy Shops for Preemie Holiday Outfits


Your first holiday with your baby should be reason to celebrate! Even when you're in the NICU. Even when your baby is a preemie and it's hard to find cute holiday outfits that fit just right. 

I spent the last week searching Etsy for cute holiday outfits for babies, and then checked to see who offers their outfits in preemie sizes. I reached out to several Etsy store owners who have adorable stores but don't have preemie sizes listed. Turns out many stores can and do offer preemie sizes even when they're not listed. Sometimes it helps to ask!

All of the items below come from Etsy shops that have some or all items available in preemie sizes.  Whether you're looking to buy something for your own baby, or hoping to find the perfect gift, with these stores you'll find just the right item! 

I mean, come on - is this adorable or what?!! These dapper onesies are not listed as available in preemie size.... but Michelle, the store owner, was delighted to say she can make 'em in preemie size! You just have to contact her, which is easy to do on her Etsy store, AdelaesFashions.

So if you've got a classy preemie who needs a classy holiday outfit, these are perfect.

About a Sprout creates customized outfits for just about every occasion - my first Christmas, my first Thanksgiving, even my first Football Season! And most of them are available in preemie size! 

Baby Mae's Boutique has some of the most precious outfits I've seen on Etsy lately, and the owner was happy to let me know that even though "preemie" isn't listed as a size for the outfits yet, they would love to make preemie outfits - you just have to request that size! Their Thanksgiving outfits are adorable, their Christmas onesies are so sweet.

Blake and Bailey offers many sweet baby outfits that are personalized, and the owner let me know that many items can be made in preemie sizes - you just need to ask! Most items are under $20, so it's great for anyone looking for a budget-friendly preemie baby treat!

My Emery Lane is another favorite shop for unique preemie costumes.  They sell all sorts of festive onesies for the holidays, but what caught my eye was this Santa suit ! It comes in preemie size and bigger,  so it's gonna make some little NICU baby the cutest Saint Nick you've ever seen! Get your cameras ready....

BabaMoon is all about hats, and boy are they cute! There are rabbit ears, fluffy lamb ears, and then these precious pom pom hats, all available in preemie sizes! And there are so many more. I think I need one for myself, they look so soft and cozy.

Good news - from now until -- BabaMoon is having a Black Friday sale throughout November and is offering 15% off! See store for details. 

TesaBabe is another beautiful Etsy store carrying some super adorable cotton baby clothing. Owner Therese was quick to respond to my questions about preemie sizes, and she let me know that 3 of her sweet designs are available in preemie sizes - this "Hello World" outfit (which makes a great going home onesie), a gorgeous "Little Sister" romper, an adorable "Little Brother" romper, and a soft, sweet plain romper that would be perfect paired with a simple holiday hat. 

She also carries a whole bunch of additional items in newborn sizes so if your little one is a little bigger, you'll find something perfect.

Jake and Beth is one Etsy shop where preemie sizes are listed for many items - you won't have to request it as a special size. This holiday outfit is totally NICU friendly - wires can come out the bottom of the gown. And there are many more cute outfits, so it's a perfect place to shop for holiday gifts!

KarenFudge has a shop filled with knitted and crocheted items that are personalized and precious. She's got tons of items in preemie size, and if your preemie is too big for a preemie hat but too small for a newborn size, Karen even has a "Tweener" size!! Does she understand preemies, or what?

So if you're looking for the hat to top off the holiday attire, look no further. 

Finally, let's not forget the littlest preemies out there. They deserve some holiday cheer too, right? Micropreemies need something just for them, and Jacqui's Preemie Pride is the place to find it. She makes NICU friendly outfits for the smallest babies able to wear clothes.

For the holidays, several adorable options exist, from simple holiday-colored diaper covers for the most fragile babies, to elf stockings or striped elf hats for micro preemies and beyond. 

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