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6 things this NICU nurse is Thankful for Today


6 things this NICU nurse is Thankful for Today


Balloons in the sky

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Today, here at NICU Central, I’m thankful for:

The babies we all love. They are our hope, our happiness, our wishes, our future, and they are perfect just exactly as they are. May they have comfort, loving care, and a peaceful future to look forward to.

The NICU parents, who never wanted this journey for themselves or their babies, and who so dearly love their little ones. May they be supported with understanding, be treated with respect, be nurtured and cared for as they struggle to adjust, and may they smoothly adapt to the exciting journey of parenthood with this unique and beautiful new child.

The NICU staff, who are caring for the babies and their families today and every day. May they bring calming energy, helpful insight and healing wisdom to each NICU family.

The folks who create all the useful stuff that we rely on, day in and day out, to make such amazing feats possible.  In so many ways, we depend on the work of others to make the healing of the NICU possible. May they keep inventing, discovering, studying, analyzing, creating and delivering, making the future brighter for every NICU patient.

The individuals who volunteer to help NICU families. Parents so desperately need the nurturing and guidance these volunteers and organizations offer. May they continue to have the patience, generosity, kindness and resources to help every NICU family in need through this challenging journey, over and over again, for as long as there are families to help.

The communities that support us all, who make our lives richer. Without the individuals outside the NICU - our families, friends and coworkers - we would probably go nuts inside the NICU! Thank you for your normalcy. Thanks for listening to the scary, intense, sad, frustrating, overwhelming and heart-wrenching stories from our world, for being a shoulder to cry on, a laugh when it's needed, and for keeping us sane.

The NICU is it’s own crazy, beautiful world. As much as I wish we didn’t need it, the truth is we do need it. So I’m grateful to be a part of it. I love what I do, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to belong.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you! What are you thankful for today?