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75 Fantastic Books to Read Aloud to NICU Babies


Bonding in the NICU is a struggle, but one of the very easiest ways to connect is to read aloud to your little one. Babies know their parents voices, so hearing you reading will comfort and connect you both. Are you worried you'll sound foolish or weird reading to your little baby in the NICU? Believe me - don't worry about it! There are a million weirder things that go on in the NICU every day -  reading to your baby is not one of them....

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Book Review: Far From The Tree - Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity


Andrew Solomon has painstakingly and intelligently put together an extraordinary book, entitled Far From the Tree - Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity.  Published in 2012, this endearing, profound book introduces us to the eternal struggles of parenthood, as viewed from families with uniquely challenging circumstances, and it offers insight and hope for all of us who live side-by-side with such families....

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8 reasons to read Ready for Air, a Journey through Premature Motherhood


My most recent read was Kate Hopper’s Ready for Air, a Journey through Premature Motherhood and I thoroughly enjoyed it. From the instant I felt it in my hands, with it’s beautiful, smooth cover and those adorable little toes, I wanted to pull up a blanket, make a cup of cocoa, and read for the afternoon. Once I started, I had a hard time putting it down....

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