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75 Fantastic Books to Read Aloud to NICU Babies


Bonding in the NICU is a struggle, but one of the very easiest ways to connect is to read aloud to your little one. Babies know their parents voices, so hearing you reading will comfort and connect you both. Are you worried you'll sound foolish or weird reading to your little baby in the NICU? Believe me - don't worry about it! There are a million weirder things that go on in the NICU every day -  reading to your baby is not one of them....

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One Powerful Way to Help a NICU Parent


The NICU is full of suffering. There’s really no use sugar-coating it. A baby is suffering, and a mother is suffering, and a father is suffering, each in their own way. Sure, we all try hard to find the positive and make the best of it. In fact, I spend most of my time - as a bedside nurse as well as a writer here - trying to soften the pain and find the positives in the experience. It’s good to look at the bright side. But in truth, I find it refreshing - and so do most parents - to be honest and accepting of the undeniable pain that is present. For some families...

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Products you'll love when you take your NICU baby home


The day you take your baby home from the NICU is a joyful day indeed! After weeks or months of being separated from your little one, having other people feed and diaper and bathe your baby, parents are thrilled to finally all be together and complete as a family.  To prepare for that great day, I love to share my recommendations for products...

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