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Grief and Depression in the NICU - Finding the Help You Deserve


The NICU experience...words to describe it: Terrifying, stressful, saddening, maddening, traumatic, disempowering, fearful, unpredictable, scary, mystifying, changing, bizarre lights, jarring sounds, life and death, tubes, new languages, new people, infection, struggle, adjustment, exhaustion, the unknown, the unexpected, lack of time, too much time, stress, fear, fear, fear. Simply using word association to describe the experience brings back the sensation...

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Possibilities and Promises - Surviving NEC and the NICU with preemie twins


Finding out that I was pregnant was shocking. But hearing during my first ultrasound that I was carrying twins was completely surreal. My husband Jeff’s response upon leaving the exam room was, “Well, I’ve got your second name - Ripley, ‘cause I can’t (expletive) believe it.”  Two years prior to getting pregnant, it felt as if my world was ending....

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The wisdom of a NICU mom


Dear new NICU mom, I

t’s a place you likely didn’t expect- sitting in the NICU, watching your tiny baby fight for it’s life. It’s a place you wouldn’t choose. And if you’re like me, you had every intention and dream of holding a healthy, plump baby on your chest shortly after delivery. A dream of leaving the hospital, baby in tow. And now, here you sit, watching your fragile baby through a plastic box...

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