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Happy Holidays - A Simple Gift For You


Happy Holidays - A Simple Gift For You


NICU Christmas Quote

Merry Christmas from NICU Central!

Parents - May you have a beautiful day with your beautiful baby. May you be able to wrap yourselves together as a family, knowing that this temporary place - the NICU - may not be your home, but it's where your family is right now, so make the very most of it. Decorate, sing Christmas carols (softly), bring gifts and cards and pictures for your babies, other families and the staff. Allow yourselves to make this day a wonderful celebration.

NICU Staff - If you are at work today, may you have a day filled with joy, kindness & peace, may you bring great comfort to grateful families, and may you feel the warmth of their appreciation and become a welcome and cherished part of their Christmas celebration. If you will be spending the day with your own family, as I will, may it be a joyful, wondeful day.

I want to share a gift with you all today

I agree with the quote above - that gifts of time and love are the very best, and they really make Christmas beautiful. So today, I'll share with you something that I love, and just about everyone else loves - music. I've put together a list of songs that are sure to bring you cheer, not just today but any day throughout the year. These are definitely pick-me-up songs, and I hope they'll be a small gift you'll enjoy when you're looking for something nice on this otherwise difficult journey. It's a playlist - click on the upper left where it says "playlist" to see all of them. Be sure to bookmark the playlist page so you can come back to it again and again when you want to feel awesome!

This is my gift to you - I know, I know.... it's not much, but I think it will bring some of you a smile.

If you feel like sharing your gift - what you love - leave a comment with the names of songs that bring you great joy, the songs that always make you happy.

I'll add them to the playlist, and the gift can keep on growing and keep on giving! Thanks!

Of course, I understand that the NICU can be an unbearable place to be on Christmas Day, or any day for that matter. For those of you who are having a really hard day today, please know that you're surrounded by folks all around you - near and far - who are keeping you in their thoughts. We all wish we could take away the worrying and the suffering, but when we can't, we can remind you that you're loved.

I hope you'll find some small joy on this day, some tiny thing that you can hold on to and cherish. Look for something positive and hold on to it. We're thinking of you....