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" Letter to a NICU " mom contest


" Letter to a NICU " mom contest


preemie baby with pink hospital bracelet

Lately, I've been inspired by the kindness of former NICU moms reaching out with words of comfort for brand new NICU moms. I think the world needs more of it, so I'm going to help make it happen. NICU Central is hosting a letter-writing contest!

UPDATE: We have two winners! Read "Kindness from a NICU Cuddler" and "The Wisdom of a NICU Mom"

Your words have the power to comfort, to support, to offer guidance and to heal. Take a moment to write down what YOU would like to say to a brand new NICU mom to offer comfort. Actually, what would you write to a NICU dad? Or a whole NICU family?

pen and paper

To enter - write a letter! Simple as that. Whatever inspires you! Something you think will comfort and support current NICU families, because that's really what we're all about here at NICU Central. You can be a former NICU parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, patient. You can be a nurse, doctor, therapist, social worker. You can even be a current NICU parent. Here are some suggestions:

  • Imagine your best friend just had a NICU baby. What would you write to her?
  • What advice would you have liked to hear when you were fresh in the NICU?
  • Is your NICU story a success story that would give a family hope?
  • Make a top ten list *my favorite* - For example:   Top ten ways to survive the NICU. Top ten products that make the NICU more fun. Top ten funniest stories from your NICU times. Top ten best things about having a NICU baby. Can you dream up another top ten list? (If it's easier, make it a top 5 list. Or go a little crazy and make a top 7 list. Why not?)

I can't guarantee prizes, because I'm not sure what I might have to offer, other than the pride of having your letter published where NICU families from around the world can find comfort. But if I can come up with some sweet prizes, I will! I'll gather a panel of highly qualified judges (NICU staff), and I'll publish the winning entries here on NICU Central. Maybe there will be one winning entry in each category (Mom, Dad, Family), maybe more, because if there are multiple amazing letters, they all should be shared. Maybe we'll just publish them all!

Please check out the Terms of Service. If you have ANY questions or concerns, please email them.

[Contest Ended. See Winning Entry #1 & #2]