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NICU Art Giveaway


NICU Art Giveaway


Yesterday I shared the exciting news about the new NICU specialty store, EVERYtinyTHING. Today, because it's one of my favorite things to do, I'm hosting a giveaway. Yay!

I'm highlighting one of my favorite new offerings at EVERYtinyTHING - our exclusive NICU Art.

Here's where the idea came from:

When a family is expecting a new baby, one of the fun parts in getting ready for baby is decorating the baby's space. Whether it's choosing a fun baby theme (jungle, nautical, dinoaurs, princess, fire trucks, etc), or a decorating an entire nursery with fresh paint, furniture & art - parents enjoy creating a space that feels welcoming and inspiring.

And.... then.... the NICU. Ugh. Medical, scary, uninspiring. Completely impersonal. It's just one more part of the whole experience that's hard for parents.

Some parents & NICU staff personalize the NICU space with name cards or photos of siblings, pets & parents....but why not have beautiful,  professional, inspiring prints, made specifically for the NICU?

Well, now we have it: NICU Art!

Our NICU Art has been created by a NICU nurse (me) so it will be perfectly suitable for the NICU, and the art was designed by an artist (definitely not me!) so the images are beautiful. We choose inspiring quotes & sayings to bring much-needed hope, we designed cute images to bring a much-needed smile, and included sweet contrasting images for the babies who are old enough to enjoy the visuals.  One side can face baby, while the other faces out to bring cheer to parents and staff.  Most importantly, they're laminated, which means they can be SANITIZED!! Which we NICU nurses love, right? Your baby can spit up, or worse, right on the art, and they will wash up nice & clean!

I love them, parents are loving them, and I hope you'll love them too.

My goal is always to find small ways to being a little joy to the NICU experience, and I think this does just that. Will NICU Art make your baby healthier, or get your baby home sooner? I wish it could, but of course it won't. But it will bring you a small smile, it will make your baby's space feel a little more hopeful and personal, and that one tiny thing can make for a brighter day. And that's worth it.

Good luck - I hope you win!!

[Contest ended]