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The NICU is hell?


The NICU is hell?


mother holding babyWow! After weeks of researching what NICU parents are writing about, I'm overwhelmed by how much intense hatred of the NICU is out there! I get it, I really do. But, I have to say, you NICU families do too good of a job of keeping that sentiment to yourselves! Parents don't genuinely share this with us nurses, and I think that's too bad. After doing this research, I'm beginning to get a whole new appreciation for just how hard it is on you all. NICU nurses understand that this is a tough time, naturally, and particularly for those families with extremely sick babies. But I don't think we hear the honest, raw, brutal truth about how much you guys loathe this. Here's what i mean... take a look: 54 days of NICU Hell Whacked Dad Heartbreak and Hope in the NICU The hell that is the NICU NICU Hell (a meetup cafe mom group: looks like it's closed, maybe that's a good sign) NICU life is hell NICU Schmicku (scroll down for the NICU stuff) on and on and on....

I'm on a mission to figure out what NICUs can do to make this better! It has to be families deserve this kind of hell. That's what this site is all about, making this experience easier to navigate, more tolerable, even empowering. I'm a little scared to suggest it, but go ahead and share your TRUE feelings about your NICU experience. Venting is good for the soul. And perhaps your story can help us, as a community, figure out how to improve this.


Photo Credit: wjserson