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Night shift in the NICU just got a little brighter


Night shift in the NICU just got a little brighter


I have to share my new favorite NICU hack which some amazing nurses on the night shift taught me.

They found a simple way to bring a little cheer, a way to help the NICU feel a little bit more homey, with just the right mood lighting - fairy lights!

Sweet, soft little fairy lights make the perfect accent in the night. Sometimes nurses string these lightweight, cool-to-touch lights along the desk space to give them soft baby-friendly lighting to read and chart by. Sometimes parents use them to (safely, with nurse approval) drape near the baby's bedside. 

When the lights are low, they make each bedside feel a little more intimate, a little more like the sweet nursery parents dreamed of. 

Of course when the main lights are needed, they're used - this is an ICU, of course, and seeing the patients well is of utmost importance. 

But when the time is right for nighttime sleep, fairy lights are a wonderful way to keep soft lighting without the harshness of the typical NICU vibe.

Parents absolutely love it! 

So, NICU nurses - have you done this, or can you try this in your NICU? 

NICU Parents - why not ask your NICU nurses if you can bring in your own? You might start the sweetest trend, and the whole unit will thank you for it. 

It's almost made me jealous of the night shift. Almost. :)