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How you and a tiny diaper can help the March of Dimes


How you and a tiny diaper can help the March of Dimes


A strange but perfect preemie diaper

This is pretty cool - Pampers has made a diaper that may seem odd to the general population, but for anyone who has had a micro-preemie, you know that even the smallest diapers can be way too big. 

One fantastic solution is a flat diaper, and I'm super excited to learn today that Pampers has designed one!

pampers preemie micropreemie flat diaper.jpg

Why a flat diaper?

Because babies who are 1-2 pounds really don't fill diapers with a whole lot, and the simple task of getting a diaper up between a baby's legs and secured with little sticky tabs is more stress than those babies need. The truth is, they can just lay on a diaper and it will do the job fine.  And at this size, just laying quietly and resting as much as possible is the best thing for them. 

For years, nurses have made this kind of diaper by just placing a traditional diaper and smooshing it flat, but it's never quite right - it won't lay flat, the tabs are bulky and in the way. So I'm super excited to give this a try!

I may not have to wait too long - according to their press release, Pampers is donating a box to every single NICU in the US!

Pampers is also so generously partnering with March of Dimes to continue improving outcomes for preemies. Pampers has offered to donate $300,000 to the March of Dimes this month.

You can help too!

I do wish I had that kind of money to donate to such a wonderful preemie cause, don't you? 

But the cool thing is that you can help, at least in a small way. According to the press release:

  • Share your #LittlestFighters story about the first time you were inspired by your baby’s fighting spirit on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram from November 8-17 and Pampers will donate $5 to the March of Dimes (up to $90,000).
  • Subscribe for any new Pampers on Amazon Prime from November 11-17, and Pampers will donate $10 to the March of Dimes (up to $150,000).
  • Donate your Pampers Rewards points to March of Dimes and we’ll match them during the month of November, (up to $10,000).
  • Submit your story on and Pampers will donate $5 to March of Dimes, up to $50,000. Now through November 19 at 11:59 EST. 

So, get busy sharing, tweeting, subscribing & submitting! You can help make a difference!

Here's their sweet video to celebrate Prematurity Awareness Month. It's adorable, without a doubt, but just know that the babies who use these flat diapers are much, much smaller and more fragile than the babies in this video. These prescious preemies are delightfully bigger & stronger, able to wear real diapers! :)