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Perfectly cute for your NICU baby


Perfectly cute for your NICU baby



Every family enjoys celebrating as baby gets to one month, two months, and so on.

NICU families do too!

Have you seen those cute onesies for babies that show just how old the baby is, great for photographing your sweet little one's first year?

But preemies usually don't fit into age-appropriate outfits, right? What good is a "One Month" onesie if it your little munchkin is absolutely swimming in it? What good is a onesie, size 6 months with a "6 Month" logo on it, if your 6 month old still wears newborn size?  What if your NICU baby can't wear a onesie, because of tubes or surgeries, but can wear a wrap or a kimono style outfit?

What is a NICU parent to do?

Answer: These adorable iron-ons. You pick the size that fits! How perfect is that? Use a preemie size onesie for one month, two months, for as long as you need! If your little one is still too small or too sick to wear clothes, which is often the case with preemies & NICU babies, iron on the patch to a small cloth, then swaddle your baby in it or lay it over her. It will make a great photo, as well as a great keepsake. And check out how cute they are:

These come from the Etsy shop "MyLilTees", which I love because the items are sweet and high quality. The owner is incredibly kind and a clear communicator. Delightfully, she offered to print custom decals for my own NICU patients and sent samples for me to share with my NICU Central community. Do the big box outlets give you that kind of kindness? No ma'am. It's so refreshing to work with real and nice people.

The cost of these iron-ons is only $9.95 for an entire year's worth of monthlies, and for just $2.50 more you can get the adorable "butt patches" as well (a must have, in my opinion).  And if you don't even have the energy to iron-on, you can order them as stickers instead, and stick them on the isolette, or whatever outfit she happens to be wearing that day.

[PS - These make great gifts! If you know someone with a baby in the NICU, what an awesome gift idea!]

I was thrilled to have four packs to giveaway, thanks to MyLilTees' generosity, but the giveaway is now over.

Congratulations Dana, Gabrielle & Alena! (the winners have been contacted via email)