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The Honest Company


The Honest Company


I had a chance to try out another product that I think NICU families will be interested in getting to know better. I ordered a sample pack from The Honest Company, because it seems like a wonderful idea for newborns. They offer products that are sustainable, non-toxic and they deliver them to your home.

Many parents ask me about how to reduce their infant's exposure to toxic chemicals. Some NICU's allow parents to bring in more natural products from home, but some don't. If not, some parents still want to know about greener, less-toxic products for when baby is home. Whether you're interested in being a little friendlier to the planet, or you're looking to reduce your baby's exposure to harsh chemicals after having many chemical exposures in the NICU, this seems like a really nice option.  I just had to try it out!

I ordered a free trial from the company (had to pay $5.95 for shipping), and was pleased with the package I received.

Included in the Trial Pack:

6 diapers, one sample pack of wipes, and trial sizes of lotion, shampoo, healing balm, hand soap, and laundry detergent.

I appreciate the beauty of the packaging, it's always refreshing to see products that have that attention to detail. But, regardless of how good it all looks, how were the products? Pretty darn good.

The Honest Company

My impressions:

  • Diapers are soft & stay dry even with a lot of liquid. (Held over 2 ounces easily) Plus, they're CUTE. (My package was for a boy, they have adorable girl diapers, too)
  • Wipes are nice & thick and have very mild scent. Leave the skin feeling clean.
  • Body products are nice. I particularly like the face & body lotion, as well as the balm.
  • Detergent did a fine job of cleaning a large load of school-kid laundry (no babies at home anymore!)
  • Shampoo & Body Wash doesn't make a lot of lather, which is nice for newborns.
  • All the products have mild scents, and they're refreshing.

I called to cancel my order immediately after it arrived, because when you order the trial kit, you are automatically enrolled to keep getting shipments. I don't have a baby at home, and therefore don't want repeated deliveries. Phone support took a long time to answer; 13 minutes, actually. But when they did, the rep was friendly, easy to communicate with, and eager to help.  I do hope they increase their call support staff, because calling the company is the only way to cancel your subscription.

The Honest Company Cleaning Products

I like all of the products for babies. I can not make any representations about the true environmental benefit of these products, but you can do plenty of research online for yourself if you want. You can read what the company has to say about their health and sustainability principles on their website, which to me looks very admirable, a clear step in the right direction. If you want more information, read's review, or this one from Peace Love Organic Mom, and here is another more technical in-depth review from Baby Gear Lab. (It does appear the company has made some changes since this article was published)

The Honest Company

Bottom line:

If I was bringing home a NICU grad today, I would definitely give this a try. I like the delivery option (very handy for sleep-deprived, germy-store-avoiding NICU parents ), and I like the environmentally friendliness of the products. I personally used cloth diapers for the financial and environmental implications, and I liked them. But for those times I wanted disposables, these would hands-down be my choice. And for the large majority of families out there using disposables, I think this is a fantastic product. Particularly for NICU grads, I love the idea of reducing toxic exposure because they've already had plenty. They needed it, it kept them safe and alive, but once they're home it seems logical to do what you can to give their bodies a break.

Realistically, while the baby is in the NICU, it is cheaper to just keep using the free diapers from the hospital.  I'm not sure I would order diapers until after baby came home. But if the baby was using some basic shampoos and diaper creams in the NICU, I would ask to use these products - they smell sweet, and I love the idea of bringing some natural ingredients to the baby.   I do also love these products from Earth Mama Angel Baby as well).

Want more input? Here's one blog post with another review,  and here is another more technical in-depth review.

Let me know what YOU think of it, or if you have any other tips on making your NICU experience more environmentally friendly.

The Honest Company Vitamins - Health and Wellness

[Disclaimer: I received no compensation whatsoever for this review. If you do decide to try out the Honest Company and use the links provided in this article, a small compensation is received, but all opinions are mine]