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Success stories - Preemies


Success stories - Preemies



Recently, a NICU mother, one of those delightful, involved, engaged and proactive mothers of a preemie told me that the one thing she wished for from the staff, but never got, was to hear preemie success stories. Good preemie outcomes. Sure, doctors told her about risks, warning signs, diagnoses, treatments, & potential disasters looming in the future. But what she didn't hear was how many preemies do well. She wanted to hear about the former preemies graduating from high school, going to the Olympics, becoming doctors, or just living happy, healthy lives. She wanted to be able to focus on the positive, the hope. So, in her honor, and her sweet baby boy (who is home now, living a healthy happy life!), please enjoy these preemie successes:

Did you know Albert Einstein was a preemie?

Sir Isaac Newton, and Mark Twain? Yes, indeed.

Here is a short list of some amazingpremature babies who have changed the world.

olympic cyclist
olympic cyclist

What about Preemie Olympians? Yes, of course there are! Here are a couple of former preemies, who grew up to compete & win in the Olympics!

Of course, there are the millions of everyday successes. Maybe they haven't grown up to be world-famous (yet), but they warm the heart and fill us with hope. Check out these success stories @ babycenter.

Here's one example of one dad's words of encouragement for those of you still in the NICU:

My 25 weeker had a long and chaotic NICU stay (most of our issues were digestive) but he's doing really well now. Hang in there, mama. It's a rough road but it can wind up in a perfectly great place.

Here are his adorable pictures, from his time in the NICU, and then at eight months old (5 months adjusted). Beautiful!

And finally, a short, sweet video to remind you that your road may be long, but stay positive:

Want more preemie inspiration? Check out this adorable new book, written by a former preemie, illustrated by another former preemie, and filled with inspiring stories of amazing preemies throughout history! A treasure for any preemie family!

Hang in there, you will get through this. Want to share your success story?


[Photo Credit: judge_mentalSum_of_Marc]