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The Best Butt Cream for Babies


The Best Butt Cream for Babies


I've seen a lot of diaper rash in my 19 years of NICU nursing. People ask all the time about what diaper rash creams we use in the NICU and which ones I prefer. But the truth is, a NICU doesn't necessarily have access to all the best products, and many of the hospitals where I've worked have had pretty limited choices.

Way back when (I've been a NICU nurse 19 years now- how did that happen?!?), we used to mix up our own concoction of zinc oxide, stoma powder, and some other stuff I can't even remember (possibly triple-antibiotic ointment and milk of magnesia?). The stuff was amazing!

But these days, hospitals frown upon homemade lotions and potions. There are some fine diapre rash medications available through the hospital pharmacy, but the truth is there are some super great creams and ointments that anyone can buy anytime, and I think they work even better than the stuff in the hospital. 

The best one I've found isn't one that you get at the hospital, it's one that parents buy on their own to bring in - Boudreaux's Butt Cream. The stuff is the closest to the homemade lotion we made years ago, and it really works well.

Now, diaper rash really should be seen by a doctor if it doesn't clear quickly on it's own or with a simple cream such as this one. Some diaper rashes can be caused by yeast, for example, and it need a different type of treatment in order to heal. 

But for run-of-the-mill diaper rash, this is my favorite. Hands down.