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The Best NICU Articles of 2014


The Best NICU Articles of 2014


best nicu articles of 2014.jpg

Wow, what a year. Part-time work in the NICU, great family times, managing a blog and building a new NICU store from the ground up has made for some crazy busy times.  It'll be a year to remember!

It's been fun, no doubt, in large part thanks to meeting new people, either in person or via their writing online, who are striving to help NICU families. These are some of my favorite articles & stories of the year. I hope you'll check them all out - I promise you'll meet some great writers, parents, advocates and musicians who will broaden your perspective & brighten your world.

I'll admit - I KNOW there are other incredible articles I'm forgetting to include, because there are so many. Would you help add to the "best of 2014" by commenting with YOUR favorite?

Here's to a wonderful 2015! May it bring you peace, joy, and love. What more can we really hope for?

Prematurity Doesn't Discriminate

from NICU Helping Hands

This group does really great work for NICU families. I was fortunate to get to meet the author of this post -Natalie- at a NICU convention this September. She's an insightful writer and a powerful NICU / Preemie Parent advocate.

Attack of the Green Eyed Monster Named Jealousy

from Terrible Palsy

A just-discovered blog for me, with humor, passion and wisdom. I mean, with a blog title like this, how can you NOT want to read it? :)

Attachment in the NICU; or, Contending with Cuddlers

from NICU Healing

A new blog on the block - I love the fresh look, the calming and intelligent insights, and how she deftly combines professional knowledge with personal experience. Keep an eye on more great stuff from this site!


You Teach Me - Simple Life Lessons Learned from Preemies

from Peek-A-Boo ICU

I appreciate this blog for many reasons, not least of which is because Jodi is a fellow NICU nurse , who I was also fortunate enough to meet this year at a NICU convention. She offers another thoughtful behind-the-scenes insight into the world of the NICU.

10 Ways to Make it Through RSV Season

from Life With Jack

Jack's a micro preemie who is now 5 years old, and this blog gives an articulate, emotional and honest view into the long term joys and frustrations of life with a micro preemie. You also might enjoy these posts: Suffering and the Preemie Perspective or What Not to Say.


I'm Enough and the Magic Mirror

from YouTube

I learned about this video and this inspiring band from reading THIS beautiful story about how the band supported Hand to Hold, a NICU support organization.

Five Things I Wish I Would've Known About Post-NICU Motherhood

from Preemie Babies 101

This powerhouse blog with many contributors is chock FULL of wonderful insight from preemie experts.


A Preemie Primer for Friends and Loved Ones

from Rockstar Preemies

This is a blog I've enjoyed for a while now - great writing, a fresh new look, a smart twin perspective - I think you'll love it too! Bookmark this article - it's great to share with new NICU friends & family.

Be a Man, Change a Diaper

from At Home With London 

Here's yet another new favorite blog of mine - I enjoy his perspective as a father and as well as his top-notch writing.  You should also check out 28 weeks, Not Too Early to Start Reading and The NICU's Empty Rooms.

A Letter to my Daughter on her 10th Birthday

from Motherhood & Words

Another blog by a really great writer - the author of Ready for Air, Kate Hopper.


Remembering (a letter to Ezra)

from In Lehman's Terms

In Lehman's Terms is a blog I've enjoyed for quite some time, and this is a touching post. Another of my favorite posts = Dear NICU Mom

How to Help Someone Who is Grieving

from Huffington Post

This is an article I believe many NICU friends and family should read, as it offers sound advice on dealing with grief, which is a tremendous burden on any NICU journey. Even though it's not a NICU-specific article, I think it's a must read.

reality of the nicu monitor.jpg

The Reality of the NICU

from NICU Central

Last but not least, here's my favorite article from NICU Central in 2014.  It was fun to write, and even more thrilling to hear back from so many readers in comments. What a joy to connect with so many.  Thanks to everyone for sharing the article and sharing your stories!