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Two Must-See Videos for NICU & Preemie Parents


Two Must-See Videos for NICU & Preemie Parents


When a family is thrust into the chaos and fright of the NICU, it can seem impossible to feel any hope. 

It's a heartbreaking way to enter the world of parenting, regardless of whether it's your first baby or not.

It goes against every instinct parents have - to hold their babies, care for their babies, nurture their babies, and protect their babies

When a baby is so incredibly small, so delicate and fragile, it may feel impossible that your baby will make it.  If you're looking for hope & inspiration, I've got just the videos for you. 


These two videos give an honest yet beautiful glimpse into the NICU courses of two different families. They show real, honest footage of parents and babies during their NICU journeys, and they'll bring hope to any NICU family. 

Grab your Kleenex....

Francis William, Preemie Video

How Dory Inspired a 1-pound baby and his family

Ward Miles, Preemie Video

When a cinematographer has a son in the NICU, the quality of the videos and the professionalism of the final short film is incredible. It's been watched over 19 million times, so you know it's good!