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NICU Bracelets

Prayer & Meditation Bracelets, designed with the NICU mom in mind. Exclusively available at Every Tiny Thing. Makes a thoughtful gift!

I'm thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Every Tiny Thing family - NICU Prayer & Meditation Bracelets!

What better way to keep your little one in your every thought than with a beautiful bracelet that you can use to focus your prayers, intentions, love and hope?

Many NICU mothers feel comforted by the feel of prayer beads passing through their fingers as they recite quiet prayers or mantras of healing for their babies. (Bracelets for fathers are coming soon!)

  • Handmade, right here in the USA
  • Custom Orders Available
  • Durable Stretch Material makes getting on and off easy
  • Gift Wrapping Available

If you have any questions about purchasing any of our bracelets for yourself or as a gift, please contact us through the "Contact" page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Free shipping on all preemie & NICU gifts from Every Tiny Thing

If you haven't ever used prayer or meditation beads before, here is a wonderful short video on how to do it. Keep in mind, NICU bracelets are not a traditional 108 bead meditation mala, nor a rosary. They are more a symbolic piece intended to give you something elegant yet easy to wear every day as a reminder of your baby.