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NICU Milestone Card Reviews

NICU Milestone Card Reveiws

nicu milestone card review best gifts 5 stars.jpg

These were one of the best gifts we received when our son was in the NICU. They allowed us to celebrate every little victory! The pack of cards includes every milestone you want to capture. They supported us so much, allowing us to see where we had been and all that our son had accomplished throughout our NICU journey. I can not say enough good things about these cards and highly recommend them! - Jennifer

nicu milestone card review jennifer oxygen.jpg
nicu milestone card review jennifer feeding tube.jpg
nicu milestone card review jennifer big day.jpg
nicu milestone card review jennifer going home.jpg

5 star review nicu milestone cards.jpg

Best purchase by far

"I love this item. It made me feel good knowing that there are cards specifically for babies that are premature versus the term baby milestone cards. I can’t wait to use these with my son once he passes a new milestone during his time in the NICU." - Sim

5 star review crib art.jpg

Five Stars

"Having a baby in the NICU is by far the most difficult thing a mom and family have to experience. I love these milestone cards..not a lot of people understand the small victories that take place everyday in the NICU, these cards are a helpful reminder that there’s other people that are going through the same thing. They’re super cute, and definitely bring a sense of “normalcy” to my life with my twin boys-who were born 2 months premature- I also love that they’re able to wiped and cleaned off that way I can clean them between pictures with each boy or if it falls on the ground etc. - Brittany & Robin

5 stars nicu memory card set.jpg

Perfect gift for for nicu journey.

“I bought this as a gift for my niece who was born at 24 weeks. I thought it would help them get through the long journey and celebrate all the little things. I love the size of the cards and it celebrates all of the nicu milestones even for micro preemies.” - 

nicu memory photo card 5 stars.jpg

The perfect “I don’t know what to get” gift

"As a NICU baby dad. Everyday we celebrate our daughters days and milestone. Anticipating her being home soon. These cards help us share with friends and family our excitement and we plan to donate to the NICU unit so other parents can also share their little ones memories as well. These are the perfect simple gift for any parents of a NICU baby." - Joe

preemie with NICU milestone cards.jpg

5 star review nicu crib art.jpg

Great Gift for Tiny New Babies

"A friend's baby arrived unexpectedly, 10 weeks early. We wanted to get the family something special to help them through the challenging weeks ahead. These cards are adorable, and high quality. I think they help normalize the special mileposts along this sometimes challenging journey." - P. E. 

5 star review nicu milestone cards.jpg

Absolutely perfect!!

"I am a NICU nurse and I first encountered this product when a mother brought them in for her daughter and I fell in love with them!! Anyone who has spent any time in a NICU knows that we love to celebrate every step forward and every accomplishment and these milestone cards are a perfect way to do that. They are so cute and cover such a wide variety of NICU milestones. I love them so much I just had to go out a buy a set to keep at work 😊"  - H.

5 star review crib art.jpg

Absolutely Perfect for NICU Parents

"Absolutely perfect way to commemorate the milestones your baby will reach in the NICU. We want to donate some packets to the Ronald McDonald House for other NICU parents. Just put up my “I’m two pounds” card and did a happy dance for the baby. These are just perfect with weight, breathing, courage and week-old milestones among others. These are so sweet and comforting. Very thoughtful and clearly made by someone who has had a NICU experience. There is even a card for the Graduate Nursery, every micro-preemie parents biggest hope. A great purchase!"

preemie crib art 5 star review.jpg

Very meaningful to a NICU parent

"These cards were a gift and it was perfect!! I have a 25 Wk preemie baby girl currently still in Nicu. I loved taking pictures of every milestone before I got these cards and once I got it was even more meaningful. This is a very thoughtful gift to give a parent whose baby is in the nicu or even to buy for yourself. Also gives hope for the next milestone waiting to be reached"

nicu milestone card 3 pounds.jpg

5 star review nicu milestone cards.jpg


"I love these! What a great item. Clearly made by people who have been through the trials of the NICU. They bring a little joy during a tough time. I feel so thankful that these items were available." - Erin


5 stars.jpg


"My twins have only been able to pose with a few of these cards so far, but we love them. The NICU nurses had never seen them before and think they are the coolest thing! Great for parents to remember which picture holds which significant event. These give me something to look forward to almost everyday as they reach milestones. Would 100% recommend to any parent with a baby in the NICU." - Hannah

preemie with milestone card in nicu 2.jpg
preemie with milestone card in nicu.jpg

5 stars.jpg

Great for any NICU family

"We have loved these NICU cards and have used them to celebrate the milestones our sweet baby boy is achieving in the NICU. They are totally worth the buy." - Michelle

5 stars.jpg

One of my best friends delivered at 27 weeks

"One of my best friends delivered at 27 weeks. I did some research on helpful items for NICU parents and came across these cards. They are adorable! We both work at the hospital and our NICU had never seen them! I also got her the journal with the same illustrator. My friend sends me pictures with the milestone cards and everyone loves them!" - Heather

NICU Milestone Cards
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