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Brand Rep Delivery Fee


Shop Every Tiny Thing, with gifts for the NICU, gifts for NICU nurses, NICU decorations, NICU signature posters and much more.

Brand Rep Delivery Fee

BrandRepSearch (3).png
BrandRepSearch (3).png

Brand Rep Delivery Fee


If you have been selected as an Every Tiny Thing Brand Rep - Congratulations! Please complete this purchase to pay for shipping, and your product will be on its way ASAP! 

After you receive your products, let the fun begin! Some ideas for images that will really help prospective buyers might include:

  • Opening the box
  • The items in their wrapping
  • Items in place in the NICU
  • Nurses holding the poster
  • Nurses signing the poster
  • Crib art in different locations

Or whatever feels comfortable to you - there's no need for this to be a stressor, hopefully it will just be plain fun! 

Please be sure to share a minimum of 2 high quality photos each week from now until your baby is home from the NICU, and a few once you're home would be great too! Don't feel limited to only 2/week - feel free to share as many as you like!

Please tag Every Tiny Thing on the photo and include the hashtag #EveryTinyThing so I can see them and repost to our feed. 

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to email me at

Thanks for helping other NICU parents out there learn about Every Tiny Thing, and I hope the products bring you joy!! :) 

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