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Shop Every Tiny Thing, with gifts for the NICU, gifts for NICU nurses, NICU decorations, NICU signature posters and much more.

Care Package - NICU Essentials - Blue

sold out

Care Package - NICU Essentials - Blue


We're sorry - we are currently sold out of blue.

We still have many of our most popular color - green - available here.

Please contact us here to let us know if you would like to see more of the blue care packages in the future!

This is an incredible & thoughtful gift for any parent who has a baby in the NICU.  Why?  It has all the essentials the parents need, and some unique extras they'll love, to make their experience easier and more joyful:

  • Cooler tote with ice packs. A must-have for pumping moms & perfect for taking snacks on NICU visits
  • Water Bottle. Insulated with a lid so it's NICU approved. BPA-Free. Parents get thirsty during their long hours visiting baby!
  • Journal. Every NICU parent needs a small journal - for jotting down questions, keeping track of baby's daily progress, or just simply to record thoughts and feelings as a diary.
  • NICU Art. Exclusively available through EVERYtinyTHING, these Art Cards beautify the baby's home away from home. Durable, sanitizable, inspiring - A bit of joy & hope.
  • Hand Lotion. With all the scrubbing and sanitizing NICU parents have to do, they need a good portable hand lotion!
  • Disposable FunSaver Kodak camera. When you're away from your baby, leave this camera behind and let the the nurses snap pictures of bath time, feeding time, or just a cute smile. This little extra treat really makes parents so happy!
  • TicTacs. Last but not least, breath mints! A little pick-me-up every parent enjoys.

NICU Care Packages come carefully hand-assembled in the durable, colorful cooler tote bag, wrapped up in cellophane with ribbons and a gift tag, making this a thoughtful and helpful gift for new parents.


NICU parent designed, NICU nurse approved!  An EVERYtinyTHING exclusive.

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