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MamaRoo Swing - Multicolor Plush


MamaRoo Swing - Multicolor Plush


This is one product we’re really excited about here at EVERYtinyTHING.

Why? The mamaRoo is simply the worlds best baby swing, in our humble opinion.

In the NICU, nurses rely on swings to sooth and calm babies when we simply can’t hold every fussing baby. We have always relied on swings to help our patients, but when the mamaRoo showed up, we jumped for joy. These swings literally are the most soothing swings we’ve ever tried, they work better than anything we’ve used in the past, and work wonderfully for even our hardest-to-soothe patients.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect swing to take to your NICU for your baby while still in the NICU, or if you’re looking for the ideal swing for home, this is the one, without a doubt.

Some people ask - why spend so much for a swing? I promise, it’s worth every penny, because it actually works. We use ours every single day in a busy neonatal intensive care unit, many hours a day, and it works like a champ! There is no other swing we could say this about, and that's why this is the only swing we carry!

What’s the mamaRoo all about?

    • Plugs in to the wall, so no batteries to change and it never runs out of power
    • Takes up smaller floor space than a traditional swing
    • 5 different motions, 5 different nature sounds, 5 different speeds
    • Easy to recline at any angle (great for NICU babies who need heads up positioning for reflux, or flatter positioning for easier breathing)
    • Easy to operate
    • Fabric is easy to remove and is machine washable
    • Sleek design, so it looks good wherever you want it in your home
    • Can be paired with an mp3 player to play whatever music or soothing sounds you choose

Why buy here?


We offer excellent customer service, free shipping on MamaRoo swings, and by supporting our store, you’re helping us help NICU families through our Giving programs. We know you can find the MamaRoo at several retailers, but we want to thank you for choosing to buy here at EVERYtinyTHING, and thank you for supporting NICU families everywhere!


Also available in Classic Grey, Classic Black, and Silver Plush

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