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Minky Hat from Itty Bitty Baby


Minky Hat from Itty Bitty Baby

5.95 9.95

Itty Bitty Baby's Preemie minky dimple hat is simply adorable. Super soft, with a sweet knot at the top. Every preemie looks cuter and stays warmer with this versatile hat. The soft, stretchy trim means it stays put without being too tight. Perfect.


We love Itty Bitty Baby! They are soft, beautifully made preemie clothes that allow your baby to wear outfits that look great and fit well.  The outfits we offer here at EVERYtinyTHING all work well in the NICU setting.  Itty Bitty Baby is Canada's leading manufacturer of infant apparel, specializing in low birth weight / preemie clothing.

100% Polyester, Tumble Wash, Machine Dry


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