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Preemie Parents, The Book


Preemie Parents, The Book


Preemie Parents, 26 Ways to Grow with your Premature Baby is a great book for any preemie parent. Written by a former NICU mom, it is easy to read, very inspiring, and filled with great suggestions for how to survive the NICU journey.

We love it because it's divided into 26 chapters - From A to Z - each chapter addressing an important aspect of dealing with the NICU. Tami C. Gaines, the author, brings much of her experience to light as she describes wonderful tips for dealing with issues such as finances, kangaroo care, gratitude, priorities, letting go and advocating for your baby. With sweet illustrations and clear, easy-to-follow suggestions, it's a comfort that can really make a difference.

"Preemie Parents is a must-read for every parent who wants to successfully manage the emotional roller coaster of the NICU" - Gaines M. Mimms, MD, neonatologist

For parents who are already stressed and overwhelmed by the NICU, this sweet and hopeful book will surely bring joy to any preemie parent. Makes a fantastic gift!

Add this book to any Care Package, and make it a super thoughtful gift!

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