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Shop Every Tiny Thing, with gifts for the NICU, gifts for NICU nurses, NICU decorations, NICU signature posters and much more.

Cough & Cold Mask


Cough & Cold Mask

from 15.00

When the day finally comes to take your newborn home from the NICU, you want to do everything you can to continue to provide a safe environment.

For many NICU babies, that means helping be sure visitors don't bring dangerous germs too close to your baby. Friends and family members will be eager to meet your little one, but you may worry about germs, sniffles and sneezes.

Be ready by having a ready supply of masks to offer your visitors. These masks are a comfortable, cute and simple way to make coming home safer.

  • The patented mask design conforms to your face, creating a cool, breathable chamber away from your mouth and nose
  • The mask won't cling while you wear it. No risk of the dreaded “breathing into a paper bag” effect.
  • Designed to perform to a healthcare specification

Order a 10 pack, or save by buying 3 packs with free shipping and be ready for all those friends and family who want to celebrate your home coming together.

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